About Me

Back in the 90S, when I was in school, my elementary school classes used to receive Scholastic and Troll book order forms. I remember they were printed on newsprint, but because I was blind, the only thing I could enjoy was that sweet and unique smell. I would crinkle the paper and longingly dream about the world of books that was inaccessible because the books weren’t available in Braille, and at that time, audiobooks were few and far between. The only books I was privy to were those on my teachers’ required reading lists, and those which made it onto the New York Times list of bestsellers.

Since then, publishers have seen the value of audiobooks, due to our on-the-go lifestyle. Artificial intelligence has gotten to a point where it can even recognize handwriting, so long as it isn’t too messy. With the world of books open to me, I have been feverishly making up for lost time, and my shelves are filled with a multitude of stories spanning the gamut of genres, from science fiction and fantasy to romance and travel memoirs.

It is my pleasure to embark on a journey with you, and one which I hope will be filled with memorable reads, engaging conversation, and tasty food. Are you in? If so, please grab your snack of choice, pour an ice-cold pint, settle down in a chair, and crack open a book or put on some headphones. There’s no telling where our travels will take us, but that is the beauty of this adventure.

This is a photo of Tiffany, AKA the Bookish Gourmet.
Tiffany, The Bookish Gourmet