All the Wrong Places Pairing: Steak Dinner to Die For

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The serial killer in All the Wrong Places is a witty, charismatic, and seductive man. After setting his sights on a target, he spends time earning her trust. He also plays with their emotions by using tactics like returning messages on an inconsistent schedule, failing to show up for dates, and appealing to their sympathies by fabricating family emergencies. The cherry on top of this deadly cake is the delectable meal he cooks for his victims. He selects the best steak money can buy, tosses together a watermelon and feta salad, provides melt-in-your-mouth baked potatoes with all of the toppings one could wish for, and accompanies this with a bottle of wine. He handcuffs his victims, convincing them that they are just playing a kinky game. Once his date discovers she’s made a grave mistake, her fate has been sealed and there’s no turning back. No amount of struggling, screaming, crying, or begging can move this killer’s frigid heart.

Although it is rather macabre, there is no denying that Fielding’s final meal is decadent. Therefore, it seemed only fitting to pair this novel with a juicy steak dinner. Ribeye is my heaven of choice. It is juicy, contains more fat than sirloin, and is filled with flavor. When grilled or pan-seared, this fat leads to more marbling, (distribution of intramuscular fat), which adds a rich flavor and tenderness. Some may argue that it is not as healthy as some other cuts of meat, especially if you indulge and eat more than the USDA’s definition of a serving. (It’s three ounces, for those who are curious.) If this is going to be a final meal, though, what does it matter? I settled on this video by the Stay at Home Chef. She provides a couple different ways to grill the steak, and also goes into detail about the type of steak to choose and why each step matters.

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I love anything with feta in it. Greek salad, breakfast scrambles, omelets, pizza … it has a salty tang that makes it more flavorful than many of the cheeses folks use on a day-to-day basis. It pairs well with fruit, and watermelon firmly puts this salad in the summery camp of food choices. This great recipe from Half Baked Harvest is for a Greek watermelon salad with basil vinaigrette. The salad is an amalgamation of refreshing flavors and textures. The cucumbers also add a satisfying crunch.

In my opinion, a baked potato is a baked potato. Maybe that’s because I haven’t been doing much more than pricking them and popping them into the oven. I will have to give these perfect ones from Cooking Classy a try. Butter is my crack, so when I enjoy a baked potato, I take a pat of it and plop it right into the center, and let it melt before savoring every creamy bite.

Although I remember no mention of dessert, an exquisite meal like this one really needs something that is the crème de la crème. I love tortes because they are richer and smoother in texture than a cake. A slab of chocolatey and fudgy goodness without the crumbs is how I would describe them. I found this recipe for a dark chocolate torte with blackberry coulis from Epicurious. My husband Beau and I often say “Chocolate kisses and blackberry dreams,” instead of “good night”, so this is one I will definitely be putting onto my list of desserts to try.

If this meal doesn’t get you drunk on sheer decadence, pair it with a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Zinfandel. The Cabernet Sauvignon has a bold, spicy, and oaky flavor that will prevent you from falling into a food coma after eating the rich, fatty ribeye. The Zinfandel wines offer flavors of fruit jam, spice, and tobacco. They come in both red and white varieties, so if you aren’t a red wine fan, never fear! Zinfandel is here. It may not be decadent or ladylike, but I’ll take my meal with a strong Imperial stout, please! If this is going to be my final meal, I want to be sure I’m good and tipsy before Mr. Right turns into Mr. Dead Wrong.  

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